Alluum (pronounce: ah-loom) is the country most of our roleplay will take place in. It is slightly larger than Australia and has an island called Rhoncus off of its north-east coast. The country is an aggressive one and the only one with an established dragon force. Other countries don't have the means or the number of dragon species to create a successful dragon force and many foreign people move to Alluum to attempt entry into the prestigious Evercrest Academy situated on top of Floyd Peak in the Evercrest Mountains. Floyd Peak isn't the highest peak in Alluum, but it's still about ten thousand feet off the ground -- enough for altitude sickness!


Alluum is covered in forests and swamps for the most part. Its two cities, Xidwin (pronounce: zid-win) and Altshof (pronounce: ahlts-hoff), are situated in large plains on either side of the mountain range that cuts the country in geological half: the Sidways. The Evercrest Mountains and Floyd Peak are located about a hundred miles from Xidwin so people from Altshof have to travel a great (grueling) distance over the mountains to reach Xidwin. This journey is either taken by car or horse wagon and takes about two days to two weeks to navigate the mountain roads to Floyd Peak.

The whole country is in-tune with nature and the dragons. Since the reptiles that stalk the main country and its many islands are highly-territorial and sensitive, Alluum has managed (with the help of the wardens and dwarves) to keep pollution to a minimum and to compact their cities into small spaces to allow the dragons to have room for their territories. Wild and tame dragons alike are able to nest in the cities and are welcome there. It's not out of place to see a dragon flying alongside the hovercraft of the cities when you come to Alluum.


Most of Alluum's population is situated in Xidwin and Altshof. Since the necromancer rebellion a century ago, many villages in the countryside have been abandoned from the mass population exodus to the cities. There are a few villages across Alluum that are still inhabited and they are generally stuck in the Modern Era with cars and coal furnaces to heat their homes. Elves in particular enjoy living in villages, although any species can be found in a village on any given day.


Alluum is home to eleven species of dragons that each have their own special habitat. Most dragons are happy on the ground and in the beautiful forests and wetlands of Alluum, eating at the native flowers and animals. Some of the stranger species find their homes in the air and ground, making them more native to those areas rather than Alluum itself. Nine of these eleven species are incorporated as class symbols in Evercrest Academy.


Alluum is traditionally ruled by two monarchs, but really it's the dragon riders that rule the country. The current monarchs are King Jesse XVII and Queen Asabel II. They are not dragon riders (none of the royal family have ever been), but they work closely with them to ensure the well-being of Alluum and Alksheist. They do their best to keep their more dangerous riders out of the other countries, but sometimes diplomatic solutions simply are not a possibility and the erasers or sorcerers and crusaders have to be sent in.

Areas and Places of Note

Airim Glade: A large deciduous forest located along the coast north of Altshof. It has many strange rock formations that are a rock climber's dream.

Altshof: One of the two megacities in Alluum. Altshof is smaller and more industrial than Xidwin, but it's just as impressive. It's located near the Gulf of Alluum.

Apiti: A swamp west of Altshof. Many indigenous drow tribes live here.

Bemol Plains: The grassland around Xidwin. It stretches almost coast-to-coast in a single, large band.

Dragon's Teeth: An archipelago off the southern coast of Alluum.

Evercrest Mountains: A chain of mountains that covers the southwestern coasts of Alluum.

Gulf of Alluum: A large bay off of Alluum's northeastern coast.

Last Pass: The stretch of water between the mainland and Rhoncus.

Menak: The large island in the center of the Gulf of Alluum.

Mmiri: A small marshland on the southeastern coast.

Rhoncus: A large, barren island off of the northwestern coast. It was originally owned by Anbri, but it was taken by Alluum after the Anbrian Crisis.

The Sidways: The mountain chain that divides Alluum in geographical half. The mountains are shorter than the ones in the Evercrest range.

Vakh'antarr: A forest dominating the southwestern coast north of the Evercrest Mountains. It is the only place to find mu'lmouk trees.

Xidwin: The largest megacity in Alluum. It is shinier than Altshof and more residential than its sister city.