Anbri (pronounce: ann-bree) is the largest continent, being about the size of an Australia and a half. It is characterized by its mountainous terrain and extreme volcanic activity that makes 95% of the continent unreachable by conventional means. Tunnels and cities sprawl beneath the mountains, although its capitol, Minopia (pronounce: min-opee-ah), is ironically above-ground. Many foreigners live in Minopia and an Allumnian base is settled in the downtown portion of the city. Dragons are a large part of Anbrian life as the mountains are the birthplace of many different species of dragon.

Native Population

Dwarves mainly inhabit Anbri and dig its tunnels and carve its cities, the whole country being part of the dwarven kingdom system. Up until recently, the dwarves in Alluum were considered "foreigners" because they were under the rule of the High King of Anbri. Ever since Olivia Winnlock discovered the plans and preparations for invasion of Alluum, the dwarves in Alluum were freed from the Anbrian rule and given their own "province" and allowed to govern themselves so long as it was within the King and Queen's rule.


The High King of Anbri is a council of dwarves today. They have classes similar to the classes in Alluum, only they are mainly for dwarves and not necessarily dragon riders. Dragons are mainly food in Anbri, although dragon riders are also an important part of Anbrian life since they are relied upon to help build cities and protect their country. Since Alluum discovered the raid plans, it has attempted to establish a better system of dragon riders in Anbri. It's unlikely to get anywhere, though.

Anbri Today

Today, Anbri is a very peaceful place noted for its slow nature of things. Since High King Fretghurt II (pronounce: fryet-goot) was kicked off of his throne, the dwarven government has slowed considerably and more tolerance to foreigners in Anbri has been established in the eastern portion of the country, especially around Minopia; however, the farther you go to the west, the more unfriendly and superstitious the natives become. Foreign relations are still being worked on within this strange and beautiful country.