If you've decided to join Shadelings, it can be kind of confusing on where to start. There is a lot of information about the world and how it runs, and we'd like to help you get started on the site as easily as possible. Of course, the admins are always around to answer questions whether it be in the cbox, through pm, or otherwise.

Here's a step by step guide on how to start your Shadelings experience:

  1. Read the background information and lore. Everyone here on Shadelings has put a lot of effort into creating a really in depth world for our characters to explore. There's important information about Alksheist (our fictional world), the academy, the classes, magic and then all the species and races that are available in roleplay. A lot of stuff is spelled out, but there's always room for more! Later on, you're always free to try adding new lore to the site.
  2. Create an ooc account. This is how you will interact on the site outside of roleplay. Choose a username in all lowercase and fill out the other sections however you feel like it.
  3. Start an application. When you join, you're going to need two applications (found here): one for a humanoid, and one for a dragon. The humanoid application should be mostly filled out, save for class, dragon, and mentor/student. Your dragon will be paired with another member's humanoid by the admins after they are approved. Typically, you will be making only a dragon personality, and the rest (species, race, age, etc) will be determined on the class of their assigned rider. While you could just make one dragon, it may be a while before it is paired. One in every five dragons can be a full dragon, with species and all already chosen, but they have to wait to be paired as well. Feel free to ask any and all questions, but be sure to consult the information pages for basic things.
  4. Write an entrance exam. As you should know, this is how humanoids get accepted into Evercrest. It's basically an exhibition of their skills in hopes that one of the class heads will take a liking to them. Keep in mind each character is only able to get into six of the nine classes depending if their species is magic or non-magic. The basic format is: enter, show off their skills, speech on why they should be accepted, wait for heads to respond. All of the information for the exam is listed here, and feel free to ask anyone about them.
  5. Submit your application for review. All done with your characters? Post them under the "Notifications" thread in the Applications section of the site. The admins will get you a response promptly, and your character will either be accepted, pended, or denied.
    • Denied? The only reason this should happen would be that your character did not fit in the world of Shadelings. Completely unbalanced characters may also merit this, but if there's saving it, we will pend.
    • Pending? This means there was something in your app that needs adjusting. This can be anything, history, impossible appearance, lack of detail, OP powers, just basically anything that doesn't line up. An admin will PM you with details of what needed fixing and once you make the adequate changes, just resubmit them to notifications.
    • Accepted? Great! Go ahead and move on with the guide.
    • Have a dragon personality? When a character comes along that the admins decide to pair with your dragon, you'll get a PM with the character's name. Coordinate with the other roleplayer with dragon runes and finish the dragon's appearance and history, then submit the completed dragon application for review. Until your dragon application is finished, you can only roleplay the dragon bonding (see step 7).
    • Once you accept a class offered to you by the admins, your character will be moved to the appropriate forum.
  6. Make your character account. Only once your character has been accepted or your dragon has been paired. Fill in the the fields with normal capitalization and all their information, and you're set to move on.
  7. Submit your claims. There's a nice little board for this, with templates to be filled out in each section. Please fill out the required claims as soon as possible, as it is a huge help for organization. They are also important for activity checks; any characters without their claims filled out at the end of a check will be temporarily frozen until the claims are submitted.
  8. Roleplay the dragon bonding. After your character is accepted into their class at Evercrest, it's time to get their (hopefully) lifelong partner, their dragon. Please read the information on dragon bonding, then get to roleplaying! Mages will call their dragon up on the platform and non-magic species will hatch dragons. Their class head will lead them to their respective location, and after dealing with their dragon, your character is now free to roleplay in the entire world of Shadelings.

Now what? There's plenty left to do besides roleplay once you've got all those steps finished, but it's all up to you! Here's a quick list of things you might consider doing:

  • Post an introduction on the members board
  • Create a thread tracker to help keep your roleplays organized (and make it easier for people to stalk your characters <3 )
  • Make a plotter! Who doesn't love character relationships?
  • Look around at cool stuff in the lounge
  • Check out the store and see if there's anything you want to buy!
  • Suggest lore after buying your lore-making abilities, because world-building is fun. Learn about that here.
  • Looking for other cool roleplays? Take a look through our affiliates.

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