Copun (/k'oʊ.pʌn/) is a tropical island covered in a beautiful rainforest. A large volcano, Mount Paliot (/pɑːli.j'ʌt/), is right in the middle of the island and has been active for several million years and the sole thing that brought Copun into existence. The soil that the rainforests are in is mainly ash and very thin although the plants, animals, and humanoids that call Copun home thrive there.

Foreigners are amazed by the warm temperatures and beautiful forests of Copun, although where the natives live are often not suited for visitors. Nymphs live in cities under the water and dryads build strange homes in the trees that only they seem to even know about. Most visitors stay in Riverdale, although it isn't strange for a drayd to bring someone to their village to stay while they study the rainforest.

Native Population

The natives of Copun are nymphs and dryads. They are two very peaceful species and are extremely exotic-looking, often appearing more like an alien than anything human-like. They have extremely close bonds to nature and live almost indefinitely in the rainforest or in Copun's capitol, Riverdale.


Riverdale was created by humans several thousand years ago and it is, naturally, close to a river. The humans had no idea that Copun was settled by nymphs, but when the natives didn't seem to mind Riverdale, they took great care in making it larger. The humans then were from Alluum and Alluum's hand is in Riverdale today even though it is largely inhabited by the natives.

Dragon Riders

Like the other countries, Copun has their own version of dragon riders. Sea dragons are native to the area and nymphs have their own way of catching and taming the beasts. It is a great honor for one to ride a dragon and it is a right only reserved for the healer of each tribe. Dryads find themselves in the role of the protection of Copun, travelling to Mount Paliot to catch either a small dragon (cliff racers) or a hippogriff to become their life-partners. Dryads are entrusted with Copun's safety while nymphs are in charge of the spiritual and healing parts of Copun.


The nation is ruled almost like a democracy. They have no formal leader, instead all of the natives coming together to vote for or against solutions to issues. Anyone can speak before the mass and what the people say goes, no questions. Usually, this method works beautifully and it often leads to a very, very peaceful country.