Dwarves are an old race. Hailing from the mountains of Anbri, they're natural tunnelers and miners and their build shows it.

Recent History

Most dwarves in Alluum live in the dwarf kingdom inside the Evercrest Mountains. Up until a few years ago, dwarves were not considered citizens of Alluum since they were under the rule of the dwarven High King in Anbri. When Olivia Winnlock found the last High King's evil intentions of invading Alluum, the Alluumnian dwarves were to thank for the hint toward Anbri's evil and were thus liberated from the High King. Today, they are their own nation inside of Alluum and have their own laws in addition to Alluum's. because of this liberation, more and more dwarves have headed to the cities and differences are appearing in the dwarves depending on where they live.


Dwarves are all three to four feet tall (approx. one to one and a third meters) and are clearly adapted to living underground. Their eyes have huge pupils and tiny irises along with long eyelashes and a clear second eyelid to protect from dust. To help with spotting life in the distance, dwarves have developed heat sensing organs directly under their eyes, allowing them to feel if there is anything alive around. Along with this, their hair is waxy and sticks together so dust doesn't get close to the scalp as easy and the males have extremely large beards that help to keep flying mine debris off their bodies.

Dwarves who live underground have a steady diet of dragon, mountain goat, and mushrooms. Dragon is a very fatty meat and it had a lot of proteins to help keep the dwarves going. The easiest way to tell a city dwarf from a mountain dwarf is by their stature. Most mountain dwarves have large stomachs, large muscles and waxier beards. Their waxy beards and weight are due to dragon meat, their muscles due to tunneling, mining and blacksmithing. City dwarves are usually very skinny and have little hair. They are generally more tan than their mountain brethren, the dwarves' skin being understandably more vulnerable to the sun thanks to their millennium underground.


Dwarves are known for their extreme intelligence and brute strength. Dwarves are to thank for many of the technological evolutions that Alksheist has today. The species' practically-natural ability for blacksmithing and producing architectural feats have helped to create the buildings of major cities around the globe. The more radical of the species have been able to invent new ways of farming and transportation.

Dwarves have never had the ability to harbor magic. Before they began consuming dragon meat (all dwarves respect dragons and give thanks for their meat), dwarves lived around 50 human years due to working themselves to death. Today, modern dwarves live to be around 150 to 200 years old depending on their work life and if they've been in the city or mountains their entire life.

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