Elves are known for their pointed ears and tall, thin frames. Elves tend to be a physically weak species, not much muscle on their frames. What they lack in strength and speed they make up for in magic. Their magic is much more natural and planet-related, making them natural wardens (although many eleves are not wardens and many wardens are not elves). Called green magic, they have an affinity for nature in varying powers. They can use nature in attack, such as manipulating plants to fight attackers, but they are typically peaceful.

All mages (magical species) have the ability to control one of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air). This is considered an elemental attunement/affinity. Elves have extended lifespans, reaching a maximum age of 1700. One elf year is equivalent to seventeen human years. Elves are usually tanner, as a result of being outside and around nature more often. Elves are well spread out and do not join up in the forests or wildlife as "common folk" or anything of the like, as they are members of regular society with every other species.

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