The despised necromancers. Few in numbers nowadays, but they are the oldest species in Alluum. Because of their ancient legacy, necromancers have collected legends and volumes of old magics and talismans over thousands of years. Necromancers have the innate ability to raise the dead by reanimating corpses, as well as to talk to ghosts without all of the steps divines have to go through. They also have the ability to use their ancient spells and talismans to accomplish feats that were previously considered impossible. While necromancers do have an element they are born with, if they begin using too many dark magics to do unnatural things (like trying to stay forever young), they will lose the connection to nature and no longer have an element.

If they lose their connection to their element, a tattoo (usually of a bone or something tribal-looking, always black) will appear on their neck, in plain view for all to see. Necromancers tend to have green and/or gray tints to their skin, the easiest identifier for a necromancer, although sometimes the tints are faint enough that you can't really tell... unless you've had experience with necromancers before. They tend to have slim, agile builds, but this can vary. Necromancers tend to be be hypoglycemic and require lots of food and water for them to be able to stay energized, as the magic they use tends to exhaust their bodies and systems. Necromancers have a normal human lifespan, but many will go through hoops with magic to be younger for much longer, although no one has managed to achieve immortality so far.

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