The skygge are a species that is based heavily on the shadows. They are the most human in appearance, for the only difference is that their pupils are a bit darker than usual and slightly wider. Not a huge change. Everything else varies just as much as regular humans, so it may be difficult to tell when someone is a skygge. Some say that skygges have shadows flowing in their veins instead of blood, due to the fact that their blood is a much darker red than usual and sometimes has some properties of shadow magic, or "hums" of magic (not their element, though, just their natural shadow magic).
Exclusive to the skygge, as not even the fairies can have this sort of magic, is shadow magic. Alongside incredible night vision and the ability to disappear into the shadows (or, rather, turn into shadows and blend into any space without being seen), skygge can harness the energy from shadows. There are many things one can do with this energy, but the most common are healing and fighting. When healing, the energy will seem like a dark glow around the hand and when fighting, the energy will be a grayish-black whip of energy unless fastened a different way. Skygge can have any element, but their most common element is fire. Due to the nature of fire, and the smoke and shadows, skygges often enjoy fire-- looking at it, feeling its warmth, enjoying the smoke and the shadow movements along with it.

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