Tatu (/tætuː/) is a curious country of centaurs and unicorns. Its mountainous terrain is spread across three main islands that are each roughly the size of New Guinea or New Zealand. Smaller islands float in the waters around the three main islands, each around the size of Guam and having extremely rocky soil due to the fact they're the tops of the tallest mountains of the underwater mountain range just known as the Velocious.

Tatu is famous for having the best wines and teas, also specializing in luxury goods like silks and gilded dragon saddles. Most countries enjoy working with the Tatians and many people have moved to the country since the newest overlord has been installed.


The main islands of Tatu are very mountainous and have mountains up to ten miles high in places, making them the perfect roosts for dragons and pegasi among other unknown species. The centaurs and fairies of Tatu work in fields in mountain valleys, generally having very fair and warmish weather for their vineyards and olive ranches. Most of Tatu is dotted with small villages, the only real city being its capital- Ponyville.


Ponyville is located on a tiny island called Grishamu that lies in the center of the Capitol Strait that divides Tatu's two main islands. Giant, sprawling bridges spanning from each main island to Grishamu are the main routes into the city, which takes on a very leisurely look. The buildings are mostly stone and can be compared to the architecture of Italian buildings. The streets are small and nothing but horse-drawn carriages and centaurs are on the streets, cars having been banned from the city.


Tatu is ruled from the Pony Castle in the center of Ponyville. Ponyville and Pony Castle are outsider names given to the locations due to the fact no one can actually pronounce the real names- Tshgoshentall (Ponyville) and Trentuyashview Weinshsteinfreiu (Pony Castle). Anyway, Tatu's overlord lives in Pony Castle, which is a grand affair over a mile tall and shaped something like a torpedo, the propellers being the wings at the bottom and the missile being the main tower- Schendfrutygigau. The palace is built entirely of silver and limestone, occasional giant blocks of sapphire giving the tops of towers and the main tower decoration. The inside of the castle is just as lavish, being decorated in gold and other metals along with Tatian marble.

The overlord of Tatu is not decided by the public... peacefully. Every time the previous overlord dies, Ponyville is sealed off and evacuated by anyone who isn't competing for the position. The last one standing is the overlord. The current overlord is a female centaur who is simply referred to as Overlord- as are all of Tatian overlords. She is one of the most peaceful overlords and is known to raise tariffs just to get the couriers to have tea with her. Anyone is welcome on Tatian soil and people seem to get along rather well in the country.

Native Population

In Tatu, centaurs and fairies are the native people. While centaurs obviously cannot ride anything, they are a magical species and are capable of shapechanging into a horse, pegasus, or unicorn depending on their bloodline and how aristocratic they are. Fairies will often bond with unicorns of pegasi, although they do occasionally fall in with a centaur who happened to be in horse form. Unicorn riders are meant to hold the peace around Tatu and are the rarest type of fairy to come by. Unicorns are very magical creatures that are known to kill large dragons when threatened. Pegasi riders are to patrol the air and make sure forests and crops are well, along with scaring away crows and spraying pesticides. Centaur riders are the strangest type, generally being the loners and adventurers of the pack and not actually having a job to do.

The dragons of Tatu are varied and many, some fairies in recent years having bonded with different species. Feathered dragons live in the mountains, large wyverns in volcanoes, and tiny, colorful dragons in the forests. Some dragons even protect vineyards and olive plantations and are brought in as pets or guard dogs to the homes they choose to protect.