Vampires do not sparkle, and they aren't necessarily evil, either. They have typical human lifespans, as no born creatures are capable of immortality-- and vampires are born, not made, and thus are capable of reproduction. They can eat typical food, but they do not need it. They thrive on blood and require it, and they starve exactly the same way humans do. The sun does not kill a vampire (vampires can be killed the same way as humans), but it does weaken them and cause fatigue after long periods of time. They still are not typically nocturnal, but they may choose to be.
Vampires tend to have paler skin, and their fangs are very visible and can't be covered up. Their most distinguishing feature is their eyes: light and pale, sometimes seeming almost translucent, which generally seem to be naturally glossed over. They do not have increased strength or enhanced senses, but they can speed up quickly. They don't travel super quickly, and the speed of light would be ridiculous, as they can generally travel up to twenty-five miles per hour, but they can't stay at this pace for more than half an hour, as it will tire them out and they will likely need to feed soon after. Vampires have no powers. They are sometimes feared by other non-magic species, or occasionally even magic species, but they do not need to kill to feed unless they are intentionally malicious-- which depends on personality and ethics, not species-- and they will often have a close friend or family member as their blood donor.

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